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MakingGamification = Makerfication!

How can teachers inject a dose of excitement into their curriculum? How can teachers apply critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative learning to their lessons? How can teachers add a splash of fun from the maker and gaming movements? Makerfication answers all these questions and more!

Enhance Engagement in ANY Curriculum!

Make & Game with Makerfication!

Makerfication is a look into how gamification and the maker movement can together help enhance engagement in the classroom and increase excitement in project based learning (PBL). It is hands-on learning, high intensity collaboration, and on-the-move engagement! Makerfication promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and design thinking. 

My colleague, Rick Funes, and I joined forces and created Makerfication! He brought his making knowledge to the collaboration, while I infused the gaming to this new type of classroom learning.  We're happy that it has provided so many students and teachers an experience that brings excitement and real-time learning to the classroom. 

So what happens in Makerfication? In the spirit of making and gaming, students are divided into teams and given a challenge to make something collaboratively with the materials and rules provided, all the while scoring as many points as possible! During the build, teams are also executing mobile “sidequests” that keep them constantly on the go and provide their team with "extra" building materials.  In Makerfication!, the team with the most points wins the challenge.

Makerfication, in Action!

Makerfication! is a scalable activity that can be successfully executed with a small class or an entire student body.  It is also fully customizable to meet a school community's needs and requirements and is easily integrated into any curriculum. See some examples below and contact me if you would like to make one of these happen at your school!

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