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Bring play to your classroom!

Looking at the boy in this photo, would you say he is engaged? Does he seem inquisitive? Do you think he is trying to solve a problem? If his attempt to build this bridge support fails, do you think he will give up or try again? If you asked the boy if he is learning or playing, what do you think his answer would be? If you asked a teacher, what would their answer be?

Personally, I see a boy who is actively engaged in a learning experience as he inquisitively problem solves his bridge support issues. Being that this boy is my son, I was also able to witness the resilience to make the support work. I witnessed continual trial and errors until he was able to find a solution.

With this in mind, do you think students would benefit from a classroom who infuses play into its daily routines? Would it be worth while to enhance learning activities with a sense of fun and play? If you ask me, let's bring more play into our classrooms!

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